The Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Attached Storage (NAS) For Small Business

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Network attached storage or simple NAS is a file-level computer storage server that is connected to a computer network to provide data access to different clients.  It is usually a system that is attached to the network to provide extended storage that is contained in the storage devices placed inside the system.

With the technological advancement, there are better, more reliable and sophisticated data recovery methods are available in the market. As data recovery has become the need of every personal and business computer. Network Attached Storage of NAS provides a mechanism to store a large amount of data; it is one the most common way to store a large amount of data onsite. With many companies realizing the need of data backup as part of Network IT solutions in Dubai, the use of NAS storage solutions is becoming prevalent.

Pros of Network Attached Storage:

While considering the needs of the small businesses, there are many advantages of NAS devices discussed as follows.

  • One of the biggest advantages of NAS is it provide consolidate space of storage within the organization1`s own network.  That means it is easier to collaborate on the server and to the machine and it is must faster than any standalone storage solution in the market.

  • Another advantage is that it is much more reliable than simple hard drive. Therefore, administrators do not need to worry about managing any types of issues related to device corruptions.

  • It is easier to manage, take a lot less time to store and recover data from any computer over the local area network. Even if you have multiple offices and or mobile locations your data will remain accessible.

  • NAS storage solutions has cost advantage as it cost quite less than normal servers. So while fulfilling your storage needs you can also spare some money for other initiatives that can greatly benefit your business.

  • The NAS comes with fully functional operating system where access to many additional applications is also included. That means you can download different applications that can extend their functionality including security surveillance, back, disaster recovery, company knowledge database etc.

  • Most of the NAS devices come with their own cloud service. This allows you to remotely access the data, synchronize it with devices and the internet. This will also allow you to share the data with others without them need to own any hardware or software.

  • Smaller in size as compared to server, therefore require less energy and easily portable in less space as compared other servers.

As NAS drives save space in the office while providing you lot of storage capacity with less price, it can be a great option for small business storage and backup needs. At Whitehats, we fully assist our clients in selection, installation and maintenance of NAS storage device.

The Cons of Network Attached Storage:

As every device, NAS also have few disadvantages that are discussed here.

  • One of the main disadvantages of NAS storage solutions is it is onsite data backup, In the case of any natural disaster or human error that may affect your office, it may also cause you to lose your NAS and any data that is stored in it.

  • Another disadvantage is that NAS device usually has Linux operating and file system that makes it difficult to recover data in case of failure from another operating system, therefore, you may need professional help under such circumstances. That will require you to pay for their service.

  • Users who want to back up their data on NAS cannot proceed directly because they will need to do it through installed operating system.

  • With NAS you will get same speed of data transfer as of DAS (Direct Attached Storage) that is faster.

  • It requires some knowledge of computer networks to use them efficiently.

If you are looking to install NAS Storage solutions for data storage purposes, then you can contact us at +971 4 3382 500. Whitehats provides complete package of reliable Network IT solutions in Dubai

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