Wireless Networking Support

Wireless networking is becoming norm of the modern day office life. You also have a Wireless networking but you are afraid about its security? You need IT professionals to make sure that the Wireless equipment is working just fine? You are a new company that is looking to actually setup Wireless Network? Whitehats is providing the best and most affordable Wireless networking solutions in Dubai and around UAE.

Our team of IT professionals carries all the necessary certification and experience to shift your office setup from LAN connectivity to Wireless. We are going to help you materialize your aim of increased productivity with the help of our skills in wireless connectivity. Expand your business operations and modify them with equipment installed by aces of the IT setup installation.
We have proficiency in installing equipment from all the major vendors like

  • Aruba
  • Cisco
  • Meru Network
  • Mikrotik
  • Ubiquitti
  • Linksys
  • 3com
  • D-link
  • SMC

In order to guide you with proper installation and placement of Wireless infrastructure, our engineers will visit your office site and will provide you Wireless site surveys with the help of Airmagnet and other tools. It will help you to optimize both your expenditure and Wireless signal reception. Their analysis will include information related to installation of

  • Access Points
  • Routers
  • Antennas

Along with above stated features and hardware, all the necessary infrastructure related details will be provided to our clients. Your demands coupled with our years of experience in the field of Wireless Support services will be a guaranteed success.

Whitehats’ installation and support services for Wireless communication are of two types

  • Indoor Wireless Support
  • Outdoor Wireless Support

In the indoor wireless support, our team of IT engineers will mount Wireless equipment within a building or office. Our outdoor Wireless support can help create point-to-point Wireless connections among two different buildings.

Whitehats is not only limited to installation and nominal support of your Wireless connections but we also help protect your network. We have solutions which will only allow Wireless access to only select few users to the network so that it is neither used nor abused by un-authorized personnel.

Whitehats’ IT professionals can also allow your network to provide enhanced support to portable devices like smartphones and tablet via BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) solution. It not only ensures that all the hand held devices get connectivity with your wireless network but also enables security of the network to be not breached by a brute force via same devices.

Wireless Network Planning and Design.

Are you worried about growing need of network services, while Network wires cluttering throughout your office?  Do you often face network problems that result in internet downtime? Wireless Solutions can be the answer, that will give you required flexibility, productivity at reduced costs. At Whitehats, We have helped variety of small and medium businesses to improve their communication with dependable, secure, and scalable wireless networks. Our long range wifi solutions can help you to deliver voice, video and data to employees across same or different offices. Starting with a detailed onsite survey to understand specific needs of your organization, our engineers plan and design wireless networks with focus on keeping costs down, making your organization more agile and scalable for future growth.    

A typical enterprise wireless network planning and designing process involves.

  • Site Survey and requirements assessment.

  • Wireless Traffic Requirements assessment.

  • Scalability Requirements assessment.

  • Local/Geographical Consideration (LAN and WAN ) requirements.

  • Accessibility, Availability and Security considerations

  • Cost/ Budget Requirements assessment.

  • Designing the Network

  • Wireless Network Deployment and Integration.

Wireless network deployment based on initial planning and design can be challenging tasks as it may need integration with existing infrastructure. Our network engineers fully understand interdependencies of network devices and potential issue that may arise during deployment. With emerging wireless technologies that you would like to make part of your enterprise wireless network, Our team specializes in WLAN installation for complex and highly demanding networking environments where even slight maladjustment can make a huge difference. Our experience of WLAN installation varies from small office to multi-building, multi-campus environments such as schools, hospitals, production facilities, shopping malls. We try to make deployment and integration process as seamless possible making it less disturbing for your current business operations.

Our expertise include

  • New enterprise WLAN deployment.

  • Upgrade existing WLAN.

  • Wireless networking solutions for All kinds of indoors and outdoors facilities.

Wireless Network Support and Maintenance

Although there are enormous benefits of migrating to Wireless networks like reduced costs, better reliability, and security but it still needs continuous support and maintenance for optimum level of performance. With high demands of service delivery, your WLAN may occasionally face problem that requires proper diagnosis and resolution of underlying problems. At Whitehats, our network engineers have expertise in providing proactive and reactive maintenance services. Whether you are business customer who is looking for continuous support and maintenance services for enterprise wireless network or a home user who needs to wireless network setup to use internet on computer, Our technicians can resolve all kinds of wireless network issues.

  • You can also contact us to resolve following problems.

  • Slow WLAN Performance.

  • Wireless Router setup, configuration, malfunctioning.

  • Ensure Better Interoperability.   

Our enterprise wireless solutions are designed for better interoperability that provides enormous benefits like reduced costs, improved performance and simplified network management. That also minimizes the need of Wireless network support.  Whenever you need to integrate emerging wireless technologies in your existing wireless network setup, then interoperability issue comes first. Our Network Engineers are experienced in developing and implementing enterprise wireless solutions that are highly interoperable.

  • Faster Communication and business Processes.

Since faster communication and business processes is need of every business. Our Network Engineers make best possible use of Wireless tools and services to make sure your network provide you fastest possible speed of communication. Our indoor and outdoor wireless solution service provides a reliable, robust, secure and seamless way to drive your business operations efficiently through better communication.

Move your business beyond wires with Enterprise Wireless Network Solutions

With increased need of mobility, Enterprise Wireless network solutions are need of every business. Whitehats offers Complete Wireless network solutions that include planning, designing, deployment, and maintenance services in Dubai, UAE that are second to none.

Our Experts will make sure that your wireless network delivers the highest level of performance.

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