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Google Cloud identity management and security services are a combination of different services and APIs that provide security to your data stored on the cloud. By utilizing these services and applications you can ensure your data is managed through proper access management, classification, security key management etc. These solutions are suitable for any organization that has simple to complex data security needs while using cloud services at different levels. The whole purpose of designing Google Cloud Platform security is to provide organizations with a better mechanism to implement security and manage their sensitive data easily and efficiently.

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Cloud Identity and Access Management.With Google cloud identity and access management, you can administrate and authorize who can take what action related to access, editing and viewing your data.

By using this service you can keep full control and visibility of your cloud resources. Cloud identity and access management solution is equally suitable for organizations that have complex data access management needs with hundreds of workgroups and employees who need a different level of privileges and rights to access cloud resources.

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Cloud identity aware Proxy betaCloud identity aware proxy beta is IAP based app access control mechanism that helps you to implement access management to your Google cloud platform applications.

It identifies and verifies user`s identify and determine whether user should be allowed to access the application. With the integration of Beyondcorp model, it enables employees to access to resources from untrusted networks through secured VPN.

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Classify and Manage Sensitive data with DLP API. Data loss prevention API is designed to help you understand, manage and classify data to control its access.

By using this API, you can classify data with optional redaction for sensitive data elements like credit card number, date of birth, passport number, social security number, etc. This API works by identifying predefined detectors and patterns, checksums and contextual clues. This API also supports text and images, as you send data to the API or specify data stored on cloud storage and instances it starts classifying it by understanding its patterns.

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Protection against Phishing with Security Key Enforcement It is two step verification processes that use cryptography to facilitate two-way authentications.

. It is important because it makes sure you are logging into the service you originally registered for with this security that is checked and verified to be matched with a specific user. It provides a higher level of data protection.

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Cloud Key Management Service The Google cloud key management service is designed to manage encryption process for your cloud services just like in premises.

During this process, You can generate, use, rotate, and destroy AES256 encryption keys. This service is integrated with cloud audit logging and IAM so you can effectively manage permissions on individual keys and monitor how these keys are used and monitored.

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Centrally Management for Projects with Cloud Resource Manager Google Cloud platform offers resource containers for the organization of other cloud platform resources without any problem.

This management is performed by the hierarchical organization and lets you easily manage common aspects of your resources such as access control and configuration setting at the same place.

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Automated Vulnerability Scanning with Cloud Security Scanner It is a web security scanner that provides security scanning services for Google cloud platform.

It is automated that detects four most common vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting (XSS), Flash injection, insecure libraries and mixed content with lowest possible false positive rates.

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