Bigant (Chat Solutions for Business)


Whitehats always bring valuable solutions and best technology products which suits the organization’s needs. This time Whitehats having a partnership with BigAnt (Chat Solutions for Business).

BigAnt Office Messenger, an ideal cooperate IM product for your group.

BigAnt messenger has a history of more than 8 years continually improved, features with 128bit encrypted messaging and file sending, clear structured on-line user list, and more

  • Easy to use
  • Instant messaging
  • Group Discussion
  • Remote desktop
  • Broadcast message
  • Voice/Video chat
  • Send file/folder
  • LiveChat on website
  • BigAnt Document Management

BigAnt Messenger for Enterprise

A secure corporate instant messaging system, both instant messaging server & client included.

BigAnt Messenger

Internet & LAN Support

BigAnt Internet & Lan Support

BigAnt Messenger allows all network users to communicate in a fast effective manner and improve business productivity regardless you inside the company or get out of office.

Bigant Server/Client

BigAnt Server Features
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Assign roles
  • Support Active Directory/LDAP
  • Support VPN
  • All transferred messages and files are encrypted
  • Send broadcasting message
  • Enable/Disable client voice and video chat
  • Integrate existed plug-in application with BigAnt IM
  • View/search/export history message
  • Show online users
  • Custom and apply company logo, name on IM client
  • Web Based Live Chat module
  • Ant Document Management Module (Pro version)
  • Store and manage working documents
  • Assign access permissions
  • View message log
BigAnt Client Features
  • Instant/Offline messaging
  • Read message alert
  • Group messaging
  • Send message to a customized group
  • Password-protected messaging
  • View/search/export history message
  • Web based live chat
  • File transfer/forward
  • Folder transfer/forward
  • Right-click Quick Send
  • Voice chat and video chat
  • Screenshot
  • Ant Document Management Module (Pro version)
  • Access and manage working documents
  • Create personal documents folder
  • Share documents
  • Post/Manage Bulletin Message (Pro version)
  • Remote Desktop Protection Status


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Professional, Quick response, Excellent service, Dedicated team! All you need in a great business and Whitehats provides it!..

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I contacted Whitehats through their website and was immediately served by a customer service agent. I briefly explained my concern and gave my contact details. The same day in the afternoon I was contacted by an IT engineer..

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