Cloud Storage Solutions

You have just realized the potentials of cloud services and cloud computing? You agree that your SME is in need of cost effective opportunities offered by cloud computing? Instead of localized network storage, you want to use cloud storage services for your large corporate firm because you think it will help you expend your operations at multiple sites all around the world?

Whitehats has an excellent command over providing our clients with best possible services for the purpose of Cloud Storage Solutions.

Cloud Solutions is not going to be like any ordinary single storage device which provides access to only few machines with which it has direct connection. It means that you have a dedicated storage server of your own so that you can perform all the tasks of your workplace no matter which part of the world you are in. There are two types of Cloud Storage servers offered by Whitehats.

  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage is very handy for an SME because of its cheaper price tag and because of its flexibility to be installed both in-house and a remote place as well. It will carry a VPN authentication protocol so that you can decide who can access the cloud storage and you can also know who accessed which files on the storage. It is going to be your own cloud storage server and the communication will be one-way on the server.

In case of a hybrid cloud storage, several companies offer cloud services. It allows multiple users to access the files that are saved by a particular user, if they have been given the rights to access it. So you are not uploading files on such server but also putting it for sharing as well. Some of the services that Whitehats will help you to get going with include

  • Drop box
  • Google Drive
  • Sky Drive
  • iDrive

In case you are looking for any other vendor who provides cloud storage services, Whitehats will be obliged to work with you on that service as well. You can also have backup data of your computer or your company files saved at these cloud storage servers.

In private cloud storage category, we are offering our clients various features like we can enhance the security of your data. We can even shutdown the access to cloud storage, if you feel a danger to your files. There are many other solutions that are available for private cloud storage from Whitehats. All you have to do is contact us and give us the details of the kind of cloud storage you want and our team of experts will make sure that you get what you desired. Protection Status


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