Network Penetration Testing

The penetration testing services are aimed at identifying the weaknesses on which the hackers would attack. The organizations are able to minimize risk and better protect their assets once their networks have been tested for penetration. At we follow a security driven approach instead of just focusing compliance. The network penetration testing experts hired by Whitehats conduct the right cyber security tests and assess the overall policy that your company requires.

What is Penetration Test?

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking helps us determine how adequately your organization has prepared for security controls in order to protect your company’s critical assets. We examine all the possible ways in which an attacker would try to access your network by defying the securities placed. We also take care of the matters related to compliance for both government and other relevant bodies.

Protection against All Types of Threats

The penetration testing services provided by cover both internal and external threats. The external threats typically involve ways of accessing your network using devices connected to the internet. The attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities found in these devices or the network to which they are attached. There are many internal threats arising from intranet systems. We assess these internal threats and take care of them before any hacker finds out about these vulnerabilities to use to his undue advantage.

Application & Mobile App Testing

Whitehats also supports application testing, while keeping the goal of uncovering software vulnerabilities in perspective. This testing helps us ascertain and take care of issues found in software developed. We help our clients overcome the problems identified. This helps you protect your software against unauthorized access and prevent unwarranted access to the information. We also assist in mobile app penetration testing. We rely upon manual and dynamic analysis to cover issues related to storage protection, authentication, and session management etc.

Wireless Penetration Testing

It is important to make sure that you are using a safe and secure wireless internet connection. This is why we help you check your wireless internet connection, while identifying and implementing any changes which would make it a lot more secure. We also provide recommendations for any improvements required.

Social Engineering

Many con artist hackers use social engineering to get unauthorized access. The idea used by the hackers is to persuade users into giving them unauthorized access by manipulation of data. One other form of social engineering is phishing. There can be many techniques and tactics used to get unauthorized access.


Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks have started becoming a common place thing. Every organization regardless of its size needs to protect itself from all these phishing attacks. At we establish phishing attach vulnerability benchmark which helps us identify and eradicate this problem. We also provide on-site training to the end users, enabling them to identify and become aware of all such efforts. Protection Status


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