Network Security

Network security prevents the unauthorized misuse, access, modification or denial of computer networks. A network administrator is responsible for managing security of a network. The users are allowed access under a given set of rules or user privileges. Different types of network security options are available. At we provide comprehensive network security solutions to our customers which include the following.

Preventing Information Security Compromise

Many new network security threats keep emerging on regular basis. Companies are under constant pressure to balance off strategic and operational activities for maintaining effective information security infrastructure. At, we provide our customers with an effective security layer which ensures protect critical assets against various threats including cyber-attacks. Your organization would be able to detect any attempts by attackers to compromise the system. Our team of experts will ensure that all your devices are tuned and updated to effectively tackle new challenges.

Highly Optimized Firewalls

It is not easy to manage firewalls as they need a lot of resources. In order to prevent unauthorized access and expensive breaches, devices must be provisioned. At our team deploys, upgrades, and patches devices with the latest prevailing threats. We make sure that all your security configurations and security policies are updated for appropriate access controls. The network traffic is closely monitored to timely identify and respond to threats before they can prove detrimental. The network security services provided by ensure 24/7 firewall administration, monitoring of logs and responding to security and device health events. The customers that have relied upon our firewall management services successfully reduced the costs.

Advanced Malware Protection

At we understand how baldy malware can damage network security. This is why we deploy advanced detection methods that include intrusion detection, anti-virus and pre-knowledge to avert such kids of cyber-attacks. Once the advanced malware protection system has been installed it would help protect against some of the most advanced forms of malware. There are many ways in which attacker create advanced malware including phishing emails and malicious web content. Our advanced malware detection helps organizations detect and prevent deployment of custom or targeted malware. It evaluates sophisticated technology to detect threats of advanced nature. Our advanced malware protection helps organizations block both known and unknown threat types.

Next Generation Firewall

More of the internet applications are becoming advanced in terms of usage, control and functions. The old firewalls with limited capabilities of packet filtering and state-full pack inspection fail to offer the type of control that would enable and protect your business. The new firewalls reflect the latest in network security technology which would help protect against intrusion and possess advanced detection features. Your organizations will be protected from all kinds of advanced network security threats using deep packet inspection and making detailed access decisions with granular controls. We have certified IT staff that ensures easy adaption of the advanced firewall technology. Our highly trained network security professionals guarantee tuning, 24/7 management and monitoring and optimized configurations.

Unified Threat Management

UTM (Unified Threat Management) is a single most adequate solution which would protect your organization from breaches and malware. It does the job by offering multiple layers of network security defense. The use of one application to deploy several critical network security tools like content filtering, anti-spyware, IPS / IDS, network firewall and anti-virus makes the life of your technical support a lot easier. However, in order to make sure that you get the maximum benefit of UTM, you must ensure that each of its components is properly installed and configured for optimized performance. Our IT certified professionals ensure that all the patches and upgrades are deployed in a timely manner to overcome any new or emerging threats. We make sure that your organization’s security is never compromised.

Web Application Firewall

There are many web related threats lurking around the corner to affect your online presence. Software developers use internet accessible software used to create these kinds of threats including ASP.NET, Ruby, Java, and PHP among others. Many of the web applications are regularly attacked by cybercriminals and hackers.  These con artists use the above mentioned programming languages to bypass traditional network security measures and attack on host-based security technologies. Therefore it is very important for your organization to guard yourself against these kinds of attacks. At we make sure application-layer security measures have been placed to protect your business-critical web applications. Our web security technologies also ensure protection of severs and databases. We also ensure that they comply with the web application security standards.

Protection and Detection against Malware

Malware is one of the most fought and commonly occurring threat. Many organizations spend thousands of dollars every year to protect their network infrastructure from malware. This ever increasing malware takes a toll on your bandwidth, data integrity and sometimes threatens information security management. Some of the more advanced malware overcome signature-based protections. At we understand that some organizations do not have the kind of IT experts to deal with this kind of threat. This is why we help organizations protect against these advanced security threats. Protection Status


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