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Many organizations struggle for better utilization of meeting rooms, exhibition locations, and conference spaces. Such rooms often lack proper setup and configuration for organization`s audio, visual and technology needs. In such cases, where the sound system, data cabling and audio-video connection are entirely missing, Apple TVs can solve lot of problems. In addition to that it can also reduce overall costs by eliminating the need of using adapters. Although Apple TV is not positioned as business or enterprise product but its small compact size, great display and streaming capabilities with Airplay make it perfect presentation too. Not only Apple TV delivers the best possible conference room experience but also make it more collaborative and engaging for the viewers.  Apple TV can also be a great solution for other needs of business such as digital signage, lobby and hotel room displays etc.

In case you are looking for a next-generation home entertainment system for home then there nothing can beat Apple T.V. It offers a number of features that make it is preferred choice as it offers much more then you might think.

Control Apple TV with iPhone or iPod touch.

Not only you can use your iPhone and iPod touch as a remote control but can also browse your media within iTunes library collections. While working as a remote you can use the same interface that you use to browse music and videos on your multi-touch device. It also allows you to search with QWERTY keyboard on the device to quickly tap out titles on Apple TV screens. you can play, fast, forward, rewind or pause the content with just finger tapping.

Stream Wirelessly Everything you want to watch.

Everything you want to watch. just stream wirelessly to Apple TV without any worry of managing storage or syncing to iTunes library. Loaded with the powerful A4 processor you will never get frozen screen or stutters during streaming.  In addition to that you will enjoy high quality crisp and clear video. You can replay, pause or forward stream just like DVD video So you never get a trouble and can enjoy movies to its fullest.

Instant Access Latest movies.

No need to wait for DVDs or watching old movies on cable. With Apple TV you will get instant access to latest collection of Hollywood titles.  No issue of the popular file going out stock and you can rent as many as you want.  All the titles and collections are automatically updated so you are always aware which movie newly released. It is the best solution for weekends and spontaneous film night. You can not only search top film titles but can also read quick reviews and watch short tailor to know a little bit about the movie. Once you make a selection, it`s ready to stream within seconds.

With Apple TV, every megapixel of every photo looks amazing. Big, bold and in glorious HD: it’s the treatment your digital life deserves. So instead of huddling around a computer screen, you and your friends can relive memories from a comfy spot in your living room. Or add some life to the part

Our services include

Apple TV installation and Setup Service.

Although setting up Apple TV is not very complex but to get most out of its features and set it up in a perfect manner you will need help from profession Apple TV installation and setup services. At Whitehats, we offer complete Apple TV installation and Setup services that ensure hassle-free set up as per your needs and requirements. In case you want to use it for business purposes, we can discuss all possible solutions with you. We can also set up wireless audio and video stream through your Apple TV that will broadcast your content in different rooms of your home, office or shop. You can even stream anything from your computer, iPhone or iPad to different LCDs in different places.

Apple TV Repair Service.

If something goes wrong with your Apple TV and its not working properly then we can fix it and make it working again. Our highly experienced technicians are expert at dealing with all kind of issues your Apple TV might have. Either its hardware problem or software issue we conduct all types of out of warranty repairs. Unlike calling Apple directly, we can figure out the exact problems with your Apple TV and what needs to be done to get it working again in a quick and hassle-free manner. 

Apple TV Support Service.

Our Apple TV support service is designed for business and home users who occasionally need help and support regarding set up, installation and repair of Apple TV.  We can promise a quick turnaround time for support service that will ensure quick resolution of any problem related to Apple devices. In addition to that our support service can help you with solving different business-related problems through Apple Mac devices. This also includes using Apple TV for presentations, meetings and streaming purposes within meeting rooms, conference areas and other places where you want to display desired video or audio content. Protection Status


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