Offsite Backup Solutions

You think that it is not feasible to store the backup data at the same place where the original data files are kept? You are looking for a solution that can ensure the safety of the data on various regional branches of your company? You want a practical disaster recovery plan to double check your efforts of data recovery as they are taken very seriously by your company. Whitehats has various solutions to offer its clients in the form of Offsite backup solution to help them achieve a full proof system of data recovery.

We at Whitehats have a team of IT engineer which carry an experience of more than 10 years of setting up Offsite backup Solutions at various offices and companies. Some of the sources that are used by Whitehats professionals include

  • Tape based storage
  • Cloud Storage
  • CDP

These are only few of the many choices that we have for offsite data storage. We’ll be more than willing to work according to any other customized solution based on the demands of our client.

Our staff of IT professionals is not bound to provide service with the help of a specific software or hardware. It means that we can handle and install any kind of hardware devices of any vendor/manufacturer that our clients want to use in their official workplace.

You can transfer data backup files to headquarters where a whole department can be setup to secure all the data from all the branches. Whitehats can also ensure that data of head office itself is secured into various offices of the company. If you are a multi-national company, Whitehats has enough expertise and human resource to save data of one country into another country and vice versa. We are going to be working under the compliance plan formulated by our client company.

In order to make the transfer much more secure and the backup much safe, we can arrange for private internet line with proper VPN protocols. It will make sure that the data was sent and received safely without being breached in between. We can also make use of courier services, for transferring data into portable storage devices among localized branches or sites of storages.

Whitehats provide the most cost effective solutions based upon the demand of our customers and we make sure that not only data backup is flawless but the safety of transfer to be to-notch as well. Protection Status


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I have known Whitehats for the past four years now. They are very reliable IT Company efficient in their work and you could have them at your back and call anytime.Besides their staff are very co-operative and accommodating..

Renate Fernandes | Office Manager

We have been dealing with Whitehats for more than 3 years and we are very happy with their service!! I can call them anytime :) if we have problems...

Tina Tejones | Accountant General

Professional, Quick response, Excellent service, Dedicated team! All you need in a great business and Whitehats provides it!..

Didier Sloukgi | Finance & Admin. Manager

I contacted Whitehats through their website and was immediately served by a customer service agent. I briefly explained my concern and gave my contact details. The same day in the afternoon I was contacted by an IT engineer..

Saba Elahi | Home User
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