Apple Mac Consultancy and Support

Apple support solutions by whitehats

In case your business is solely dependent on Apple MacOS computers or you want to utilize a combination of Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft based servers and work stations then we can provide you full support and consultancy to make this transition hassle free. We offer variety of macOS and Mac OS X clients a range of IT services that are designed according to their day to day needs.  Our engineers can help you with desktop configurations and support, migration to macOS from OSX, Mac applications , security and compliance , backup and data recovery solutions, network design consultancy and its integration with Microsoft windows based networks. In addition to that, we can also help in case you need support for iPhone, iPad configuration or its integration with icloud. At Whitehats , we have experience and depth to deal with the complexity of architecting, configuring, and maintaining an IT solution that is reliable, secure, fast, and aligned with your business objectives.

Apple Mac OS Consultancy and Support

Companies often needs help dealing with different IT issues related to their computers and networks. At Whitehats, we provide you remote and onsite support for all of your problems. Whether its Apple Mac based computer networks or has combination of different IT systems, we can quickly resolve your problems and get them working again. In addition to that our Apple Mac experts can help you in achieving optimum level of efficiency, decrease down time and reduce costs associated with technology infrastructure.

Apple macOS and OS X Integration consultancy and support

With our Apple Mac consultancy and support service, we address a wide range of technical issues that might create problems for enterprises for example Apple Mac OS and Microsoft windows integration into one networking environment can be a challenge. In addition to that, we have expertise in virtualization technologies for server hardware consolidation, migration from legacy application to windows based system or vice versa. We can provide best advice to improve productivity, solve problems, reduce lost productivity and decrease costs through better use of technology.

Apple MacOS and OSX infrastructure consultancy support

In an environment where you want to use Apple Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux based computers with in a network, the connectivity can be big issue. At Whitehats, our experts can advise you on network architecture, system design, secure remote connectivity, network security and compatibility etc. We can also help with integration and management of all your devices through simplified management under different network scenarios.

Apple Mac Applications Consultancy and Support

We can also support application of different Apple products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrators, Apple final cut pro, Adobe After Effects and many others. You can get help from our experts in installation and support of all these graphics and multimedia suites. We can also help you in getting all these software as per your requirements. Even if you want to use Microsoft based applications on your Mac based systems and devices, we can make It possible for you. Using different Microsoft based products such as Microsoft office and many others can be used on Mac based computers as well.

Apple Mac Security Consultancy and Support

Even If you have Mac based system and servers, you should not ignore security issues. At Whitehats, we can provide you help regarding implementation of security on your Mac based computers, devices and servers. Our consultants will fully evaluate the needs and will discuss appropriate solutions that you can implement to improve security of your Mac based IT infrastructure.

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