Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions

Acronis cloud backup solutions by whitehats

Today's world is full of real and perceived threats to businesses due to natural disaster, sabotage, theft, Hacking, mechanical failures of IT equipment, data corruption, human errors, and social engineering etc. This can potentially lead to business disruption and financial losses due to the loss of” business critical data.” However, with reliable cloud disaster recovery solutions, you can recover from such a situation quickly and easily. This makes it possible for you to ensure all the aspects of your business are protected and in case of disaster can resume normal operations as early as possible.

Whitehats in partnership with Acronis offers unique Cloud Disaster Recovery Service that is designed for SMEs and provides all in one solution for cloud disaster recovery.  It ensures your business has minimum downtime and data loss is kept at lowest. Due to its inbuilt testing mechanism, you can check and verify your current ability to face the unexpected events.

Centralized Management

Our Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution offers centralized management for heterogeneous environments where you have different physical and virtual machines with help of Acronis Management Server. You can assign data recovery plans to any machines, check their backup status updates, generate reports and get alerts all at one place.

Acronis Web Restore

With Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions from Whitehats, you can back up data to an online backup account, you can recover it from any location through a web browser. You don’t even have to use Acronis product for this purpose. It has a web-based recovery console that allows you to manage entire cloud disaster recovery tasks.

All in One Solution

Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions can be used with a combination of other Acronis products like Data backup where you can store and when needed recover entire system within minutes to the same location. This service is even compatible with different hardware or virtual machine. In case of Hardware failure or even natural disaster, you can recover the entire server from backup cloud quickly with Acronis fast bare metal restoration.

Hybrid Protection

To eliminate a single point of failure you can double up your protection without increasing the costs. Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery and cloud backup solutions offer multi-destination implementation including direct to cloud from (disk to the cloud) and indirect to cloud from (disk to disk) and to cloud backup as well.

Large Scale Recovery

In case of an event of a disaster, or even in the case where you need to recover large amounts of data or entire machine quickly Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is an excellent choice that can be used for large-scale recovery. You can simply order Hard disk drive with backup from your preferred data center and the Acronis data center will send it to you by post for larger scale data recovery. Therefore if you are concerned about slow backup recovery then you don’t need to worry about it because Acronis offers this service to streamline the process of data recovery.


Acronis Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions from Whitehats are designed to be user-friendly and highly scalable to your specific business needs. You can select the size of storage according to your needs and requirements (including all virtual and physical devices) and can add up more space as your business needs grow. In addition to that, Acronis product helps to get most out of your data management and protection need without too much adding up to final costs of data storage and protection.

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