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Google cloud platform is a combination of enterprise modular cloud services that provides number of development tools to help and build range of applications from simple website to complex programs. All of these applications are hosted on same infrastructure as Google use internally for end user products like Google search and YouTube. That means being on same infrastructure can help Google to return millions of search results in milliseconds.

With growing need to rapidly develop, deploy, and iterate applications, organizations needed a platform where they can host application to reduce complexity related to IT infrastructure. By using Google Cloud platform services, organizations don’t need to manage their applications, databases, system administration and storage services. In addition to that this platform provides required scalability to handle most demanding workloads. Customers can choose from mix of custom products and services while you pay only for what you use.

Whitehats is authorized Managed Google Cloud Platform Services provider in Dubai. Our IT engineers will help you through the whole process of migration of applications to G cloud.

Everything You Need to Build & Scale

See how moving to Google Cloud Platform can be the best decision for your business

Why Choose Google

Google Cloud Platform helps move your business forward. Take advantage of highly scalable and reliable cloud environment and improve your business performance.


Designed to provide scalability

Powerful Big Data & Analytics

Dig into Big data, find answers faster and build better products

Serverless Computing

Environment designed for server less computing.

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