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Whitehats is highly motivated and working with great potential towards cloud Services and solutions, added another star in their portfolio by offering world class Cloud Backup and Disaster recovery solution powered by Acronis. Whitehats Signed up as Authorized Cloud reseller in Dubai, UAE. As day by day technological changes and fastest growing markets, also increase the threats and data loss risks, Whitehats is now providing Acronis cloud backup solutions which provide greater security and eliminate the risks of losing data.

Your organization’s data and the associated back-up and maintenance costs are growing exponentially. Virtualization, Big Data, BYOD, cloud computing, and more stringent compliance regulations, including data tiering and longer backup life cycles, are adding to the problem – all making local and tape backups impractical. With 75% of organizations experiencing tape failure each year, you recognize the need for a dependable way to backup your physical and virtual systems – one that is flexible, cost-effective, and most importantly, reliable. 

Acronis Backup to Cloud, Volume Subscription provides safe, secure and scalable disaster recovery, data protection, and off-site backup of any data, anywhere, anytime. It is the ultimate complete, user-friendly all-in-one backup solution – you simply buy a subscription, select the storage size you need, and go! Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup to Cloud lets you easily backup disks, partitions and files to secure Software-Defined Storage at a remote datacenter and quickly recover the data when needed.

Acronis Web Restore

If you have data backed up to your online backup account, you can recover it from any location, using any web browser without using Acronis products.

Disaster Recovery

Recover your entire system in minutes to the same location, to dissimilar hardware, or to a virtual machine. Quickly restore data locally or remotely. In the event of hardware failure or natural disaster, recover an entire server from the cloud in minutes with Acronis’ fast baremetal restore.

Acronis Hybrid Backup

Acronis Backup to Cloud lets you stage backups to a specified location and automatically replicate backups to the cloud, by default, immediately after creation. This gives you double the protection at a fraction of the cost and eliminates single point of failure. Acronis offers the most popular multi-destination and staging implementations including Direct to Cloud (Disk-to-Cloud) and Indirect to Cloud (Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud).

Initial Seeding

To move you quickly to the off-site protected datacenter, Acronis offers an initial seeding option. You save an initial full image backup on a HDD and mail it to Acronis’ datacenter. We upload the encrypted data to the cloud storage for you. After the initial seeding, you can add incremental backups and create a continuous daily full backup, either manually or on schedule, via Internet. This service helps save time, reduces network traffic during the initial full backup, and is useful when backing up very large volumes of data or entire machines to the cloud storage.

Large Scale Recovery

In the event of a disaster, or in cases where you need to recover large volumes of data or entire machines quickly, Acronis offers large scale recovery. Simply order a HDD with the backup from the datacenter. We will mail the HDD with overnight delivery and you can recover data directly from the disk, or copy the backups to a local or network folder. This service helps with faster disaster recovery and reduces network traffic, particularly in cases where there are large volumes of data or you are unable to access the network.


Acronis Backup to Cloud is the ultimate user-friendly cloud backup solution. You select the size of storage you need for your entire infrastructure (physical servers, virtual servers, and workstations) and as your infrastructure grows, you simply buy additional space. As part of the Acronis product family, you can add on additional products and seamlessly blend into a total solution that protects any data, across any environment, in any location.

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