Google Cloud Machine Learning


Google cloud machine learning is designed to provide advanced machine learning capabilities. Developed on pre-trained models and services that can help generate your own customized models of machine learning our services are fast, scalable, and easy to work with. Many of Google`s applications are using this service including image search, voice search, translate and inbox, etc. The same platform is now offered as cloud service to provide business unmatched machine learning capabilities for enhanced business efficiency.

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Fast Machine learning with Cloud Machine Learning Engine Google Cloud Machine learning engine is developed to support large-scale, sophisticated machine learning models. These models are designed to support a broad range of scenarios ranging from building complex regression models to image classification mechanism.

It is fully integrated with Google cloud platform and provides fully managed big data products and services.

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Powerful Search and Discovery with Cloud Job APIGoogle Cloud Jobs API is a highly capable application that can anticipate what job seekers are looking for and show targeted recommendation that helps users with their search.

This API is designed with learning capabilities that help it understand how data is linked to each other resulting in most accurate search results and recommendations.

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Powerful Video Analysis with Cloud video API It is similar to Cloud Job API and helps video search easier and more relevant through its machine learning and cloud video intelligence capabilities.

It extracts metadata; identify key nouns, annotating the video contents to interlink different searchable keywords with videos. It`s higher level machine learning capabilities has makes it possible to search every moment of any video file.

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Powerfull Image Analysis with Cloud Vision API Google Cloud Vision API is developed to enable you to understand the content of an image.

With Powerfull machine learning models with REST API, you can organize images into different categories based on their contents (objects and face) while reading and findings out printed words inside those images.

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Powerful Speech Recognition with Cloud Speech API Google Cloud Speech API is designed to convert audio into the text. Designed with capabilities to translate over 80 languages and variants it supports your user base to transcribe the text of users on a real-time basis. With microphone enabled command and control, it is designed on a neural network model for ultimate speech recognition process.


Powerful Text Analysis with Cloud Natural Language API Google Cloud Natural Language API is designed to understand the structure and meaning of content/ text.

It is developed based on RESTAPI and machine learning model to provide power information extraction capabilities like people, places, events and much more that is mentioned in the any type of text. The API can be used for diverse environments from understanding user feedback to the telephonic conversation in call centers.

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Intra Language translation with Cloud Translation API When you need to translate an arbitrary string into any language, then Google Cloud Translation API provides an ultimate solution.

Designed with the simple programmatic interface, it is a highly responsive application that provides fast, dynamic translation of any text from one language to another. In addition to that it can easily integrate with websites and applications.

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