Animation Designing

Whitehats offers excelled services of animation designing. We serve you differently. Our teams of experts better understand your requirements and then design. Designing animated cartoons, banners, commercials, logos, flyers and much more are offered for our clients. Animations are also used for educational purposes thus we also work on them. We have the minds which will prejudge the situations and act accordingly so that the client should not face any trouble in the future.

Animation designing is not as simple as people think. Experts at Whitehats are very artistic in this field. The job of the animation designer is to express the feelings of the client for a particular purpose with the help of animations. If he fails, then he fails to retain the trust of the client that is why he has to be very careful. Whitehats understand this scenario and hire those who have experiences of working in design field. We maintain standards so that our clients could also get quality outputs according to their wish.

We can understand the requirements and expectations of our clients that animations should be extraordinary that is why there are some features which differs us from other animation designing companies which are as follows:

  • Proper Timing
  • Prediction
  • Overlapping actions
  • Cognition
  • Perception
  • Eye catching
  • Exaggeration and Effects

We let our clients to relay on us because of our efficient services and technical support.

We are not limited although provide you dynamic web design services with animations too. Both the server-side and client-side dynamic scripting is offered. Some clients get confused while choosing the design for their website either dynamic or static.  We suggest you to avail our technical assistance about this issue. The languages we offer for client-side includes JavaScript, ActionScript, DHTML and flash technologies. In case of server-side scripting we offer the ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.

Why should a person choose our dynamic web design services while many other good companies are also offering?

Because we offer:

  • Experienced Team
  • Delivery on time
  • Attractive designing
  • Unique
  • Appeal
  • User-friendly navigation

We choose the best software and the most suitable language based on your requirements, add striking and fabulous animations, and give an artistic touch to whole web-site on demands. We never deliver without passing it through the QA phase. We also provide some latest additional animated features which will elaborate your dedication towards your clients more efficiently.

Adding of animations on dynamic web-sites will surely help in growing your business as your website will become more eye-catching. You will get more traffic means you get high ROI. We understand the sensitivity of your business thus work with consistency and devotion. Protection Status


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I have known Whitehats for the past four years now. They are very reliable IT Company efficient in their work and you could have them at your back and call anytime.Besides their staff are very co-operative and accommodating..

Renate Fernandes | Office Manager

We have been dealing with Whitehats for more than 3 years and we are very happy with their service!! I can call them anytime :) if we have problems...

Tina Tejones | Accountant General

Professional, Quick response, Excellent service, Dedicated team! All you need in a great business and Whitehats provides it!..

Didier Sloukgi | Finance & Admin. Manager

I contacted Whitehats through their website and was immediately served by a customer service agent. I briefly explained my concern and gave my contact details. The same day in the afternoon I was contacted by an IT engineer..

Saba Elahi | Home User
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