Network Security Audit

The ever increasing security risks and compliance with ever rising standards make network security even more important than ever before. The reliance on network security audit ensures optimized ongoing performance. You would be able to regularly monitor the organization’s network to investigate and resolve all problems on priority basis. You would also be able to pinpoint significant security incidents. The modern computing platforms offer many value-for-money features including maintenance of security even logs and journals containing database related activities. There are very few tools available which can be used to merge or consolidate information across different platforms.

There are two ways in which data security is ensured through network. The static data includes firewall definitions, password rules, protocols deployed, and system definitions. The second type of data is changing as it includes security software activities. Some of the examples of this changing type of data include access to databases, transfer of files and the details of users logging in.

Cross Platform Audit

At we use advanced network security tools which are specifically designed for use for wide network security and data security information purposes. You would be able to get a direct view of the host computer’s audit logs. You can easily extract and store that information for later usage. The cross-platform compatibility ensures integration with multiple platforms. The data collected is transferred to secure connection into cross-platform audit databases for review and analysis. An alert mechanism has been setup to that informs the administrator of all types of simple or complex events as soon as they take place. This helps establish another tier of network security auditing.

Features of Network Audit

There are many important things that make a network security useful. At we help you get the reports that you need to make important decisions. Get detailed look at the various aspects of the network security audit through detailed reports and graphs. We have a cross-platform audit analyzed that would provide network security auditing functionality. There are pre-made reports available as well that you can use to analyze routine network security matters.

Why Network Audit?

  • It helps organizations achieve its business objectives by conveniently relying on their networks.
  • The network productivity is increased manifold.
  • The improved network audit would help build capacity.
  • You would be able to better optimize your network’s performance.
  • The network audit also improves the overall utility of the IT infrastructure used by an organization.

How is Different?

There are many network audit companies that offer risk assessment and risk management services. Our network monitoring solutions are geared to help customers get value-for-money services. Here is a brief overview of network security audit approach followed by

Analysis of Network Setup

The network performance audit starts by developing an understanding of the setup. This involves by analyzing the network diagrams. This review gives us an overview of the following.

  • Overall picture of network congestion points
  • Redundancy information for network components
  • The types of data flowing through the network
  • The devices connected to the network.

Network Traffic Monitoring

After complete analysis of the entire network as well the information flowing through, our consultants will carefully evaluate the individual traffic passing through individual notes. This will allow our experts to analyze the amount of data flowing at different times. This will also give us an idea of the total bandwidth utilized by the company.

Configuration of Network

Once we have been able to establish the bandwidth, we would be able to review the configuration. This includes checking configuration of different network devices settings including printers, firewalls, and routers. We would also have a close look at the configuration of network applications. All configurations will be checked while keeping their importance for business in context. The configurations would also be checked for best practices and any other configuration issues that need sorting.

Protocol Analysis

Protocol analysis is one of the most important steps in successful and complete network performance audit. In protocol analysis, actual packets flowing are analyzed in detail while keeping their frequency and volume in context. We will identify and take care of any other protocols or packets flowing unintentionally on the network. This would also help us save the bandwidth of the network.

Data Error Rate

All the data that has been collected in the previous steps will be used as input for Data Error Rate. There can be many reasons why Data Error occurs. One of the most common reasons though is loss of packets within the network. Our IT technicians will check end-to-end connectivity of cables via cable testers.

Review of System

Once we have analyzed the data error rates and network protocol we will focus on individual systems that contribute to network usage issues. The systems may include servers, desktop machines, or network devices. Some of the things that we check in these systems include configurations, system parameters, CPU utilization, and network application usage.

Post Analysis

This is the last step in the network performance audit. In this step we will gather all data and correlate to get findings about.

  • Configuration issues that need further sorting.
  • Future organizational goals.
  • The business requirements that need to be met.
  • Setup and capacity of existing network. Protection Status


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