Corporate Web Design

Web designing is not only limited to design just a simple web site. It is a broader term than we usually think and Whitehats understands its depth thus offering all the services regarding web design. Mobile web designing is also a part of it. We put forward the services of mobile web design too.

People think that what is the need of mobile friendly design, while our business is running smoothly? Here is the answer:

Nowadays almost everyone is using a good cell phone which provides access to the world of internet easily. People like to browse using their smart phones and if your website will not be working efficiently on their smart device, then you will lose traffic and they will also forward that bad impact to others in their circle. In this way you may lose a good reputation.

This is the one reason. There are several other reasons to have a mobile web design. They are as follows:

  • Marketing

One should keep in mind the goal like gaining exposure, awareness and more traffic can be fulfilled by having the mobile friendly sites as mobile users are increasing daily.

  • Optimization

Most of you will not be aware of the fact that Google indexes the mobile content separately so more chances of getting higher rankings

  • Large Circle

Many people do browsing using mobile devices. As the usage is increasing day by day means if you will be having a mobile friendly website there will be more satisfied users in your list. You can enjoy a good ranking and reputation at the same time in large number of users.

  • Ease of Access

People who use to download software and other things using mobile phones will be very satisfied from your services because your website will be providing the ease to download stuff they like.

  • Meet competition

A mobile friendly website acts as a tool to compete in the market, many people do not bother making the website mobile friendly and you can get benefits from this side.

  • Using Mobile capabilities on the internet

One can avail the functions of mobile on the internet such as using your phone book to share contacts online.

It is believed that by 2013 there will be 1.7 billion mobile users of internet all over the world so you can imagine the sensitivity of not having a mobile web-site.

Following are the principles you must always consider for a Corporate Web Design:

  • It should be simple; too much graphics, unconventional designs, flash elements and fancy fonts can often hurt a website.
  • Do not control the user experience. For example, asking them to sign up or register in order to know more about you!
  • Good quality content drives users to your website.
  • Interaction is the key to a successful business like videos and blogs about your products and services.
  • Focus on one goal per page.

Whitehats care for its clients thus provides the most beneficial and unique mobile web designs. We meet the challenges by our clients and help them to flourish in this virtual world more effectively. We design unique layouts for different kinds of purposes. The type of your business will define the type of layout. Every layout includes some specific features which will be needed for the business.

Delivery on time and confidentiality are the key challenges for Whitehats. It is the matter of trust and we never compromise on the trust thus we have never faced any complaint about delivery issues or exposing the confidential information. Your trust is the most precious element for us. Protection Status


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