Email Server Solutions

You want a collective mail server for your SME because you think it will be cost-effective for your business? You are concerned about the security of your official emails that you and hundreds of your employees send & receive? You want a dedicated mail server installed in your company so that you don’t have to worry about the data breeches that happen almost all the time in the major email service providing companies? Whitehats has devised its mail server solutions to help relieve all our clients from such worries.

Team of IT engineers from Whitehats are experienced enough to install email servers according to the demand of our customers. They have skill to install servers like

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • MDaemon

Apart from the email server solutions mentioned above, our clients can even demand a private email server of their own choice as well. Our expert staff of IT professionals will be obliged to setup such a mail server in line with instructions and details put forward by our valued client.

Our highly qualified group of IT engineers are going to not only mount such a server but they are also going to make sure that all the devices of our clients are completely integrated with the mail server so that not even a single device has problem of receiving mails via the server installed by our team. Not only PC will be configured to connect with the server but portable devices will also have connectivity with the server like

  • Smartphone
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Whitehats’ team of IT pros will also make certain that no matter which OS (operating system) runs on your device, but the server must provide connectivity to your device. Wide range certification of our pool of IT engineers enables them to integrate all your network, workstation devices, and portable gadgets to the mail servers.

Whitehats team is very cautious about its quality of work and it also enables us to provide a service which is mere synonymous to excellence. If you think that installation of IT equipment like Mail server should be handled by group of aces then Whitehats is the company that you should be consulting. Protection Status