Bare Metal Backup Solutions

You are looking for a data recovery solution that relieves you of the OS headache? You want to shift your files from one OS to another but find it hard to meet the compatibility issues? You want to have a continuous backup solution so that you can retrieve exact amount of data that you lost without preparing and saving backup files over and over again? Bare Metal backup Solutions from Whitehats is the best choice that you can make in order to get all your worries disappear.

Our staff of IT engineers carries special expertise in implementing BMR solutions like

  • Unitrend
  • Acronis
  • Tobo

We’ll be obliged as well to implement solutions from a preferred company or vendor chosen by our worthy clients as well. BMR solutions enable us to backup data from whole server or from a particular network drive. We can turn crashed server of our client into a virtual server.

Our qualified team of IT professionals carries the experience to backup data into a new hardware server or network drive. You can also opt for a virtual solution to utilize BMR solutions. Whitehats can provide you with solution which incorporates offsite backup facility as well so that disaster recovery plans for your precious data can be made much more secure.

Whitehats can also provide BMR solutions along with Incremental backup facility. It means that backup is also provided for files that have changed or are new since the last backup. In short it is actually the backup of data that was changed recently. Purpose of such a backup is preservation of all the changes that were made so that your backup is mirror of the data present originally in your server, network drive or personal computer.

In case you think that BMR is the solution for data recovery that suits your requirement then Whitehats is here to provide these solutions with perfection. Our installation of such solutions is done in line with the details and demands made by our client. With Whitehats on your side, you need not worry about the backup of your data because we are pros in this. Protection Status