5 Phases for migrating to Google Cloud Platform

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While many businesses rushing to adopt cloud, it may not be a good idea to implement Google Cloud Platform services without proper planning and understanding. A sequential approach to migrate your application and data is recommended for the migration process.

Data Backup in the Cloud - Is It Good for Organizations?

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"93% of companies that lost their data access for 10 days or more during a disaster filed for bankruptcy within 12 months of the disaster"

Key Considerations for Data Backup Strategy against Ransomware

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It is important to examine all the aspects of your data backup solutions Dubai to prevent an infection. Here are few tips that will make your data backup strategy against ransomware successful.

Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2018

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With so much going on around the world in Artificial Intelligence, it is safe to predict that AI will continue to be at the top the hype cycle in 2018. It means many industries will be undergoing massive disruption, few of them will need to quickly transform themselves by adopting AI-based systems.

Cloud Computing Trends for 2018

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Businesses are no longer looking at cloud merely as a tool but now the focus is on findings the right way to use it to achieve business goals more effectively.

IT Infrastructure Trends 2018

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The pace of technological change is faster than ever before, that makes it challenging to predict how businesses will perceive these changes.

How to prevent your Business from unknowingly become susceptible to Ransomware Attacks?

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Just imagine, you are working in your office preparing a presentation for company`s new project launch when you are suddenly struck with a bizarre message displayed on your laptop: all your files on this computer have been encrypted.

8 Advantages of Outsourced IT Support Services.

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It would not be needless to say that IT and data play most important role in your organization`s business operations. It will be hard to imagine running any business without the use of IT and computer.

Why Prefer IP PBX over Traditional PBX?

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As today`s businesses are becoming more and more dependent on inter and intra-organizational communications, the use of telephones has become an essential part of business operations. Unlike other ways of communications, the telephone provides an instant way to reach a required person.

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