Importance of Cloud Backup

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We are living in the world where most of our data is becoming digital. This digital data being on internet is more prone to theft and loss.

How IT Managed Services Help your Business Succeed

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Managed IT services providers are the companies that take responsibility for your IT infrastructure and look after your IT related needs making sure that you gain maximum benefits.

Need Help for WannaCry Ransomware ?

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WannaCry Ransomware is a virus (malware) that has the ability to secretly load on your computer systems, it locks files, usually by encrypting them. 

How Backup Data Services Can Save Your Money

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Backup Data Services plays an important role for keeping your important data save and secure. Here is how you should look for the monetary value of your data, and how data backup services can save you money.

Can Small Businesses Afford Managed IT Services Providers?

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Spending higher on these services may not be the worth benefits. In many situations, businesses may end up in losing more money than they can save in the long run. Here are few reasons, why hiring IT managed service providers can be a better choice.

IT Infrastructure Trends 2017

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The IT market is changing as always, mobility; Cloud, data analytics and security are the ongoing concerns for businesses. If you want your organization to withstand the challenges of future you should look out of latest IT infrastructure trends 2017.

Five Reasons Why Your Computer Has Become Sloppy

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There can be literally dozens of reasons why your PC is not working the way it should. However, here are some of the most important reasons you need to look for before you call your PC home support service in Dubai.

How To Manage Virtual Team for Your Business in Dubai?

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Small businesses with more of their diversified operations are increasingly becoming dependent on virtual teams.Here are the top things you need to consider in order to make sure that your virtual teams are working

Internet of Things A Simplified Introduction

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IoT or Internet of Things is a term coined every once in a while. There are so many misconceptions that make it very difficult to cut through the noise and understand what IoT actually means. This blog post aims to explain in a simplified manner Internet of Things.

Server Introduction for Small Business Organizations in Dubai

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There are many benefits of having server solutions for small business in Dubai including powerful processing, more storage space, easy data management and backup facility.

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Professional, Quick response, Excellent service, Dedicated team! All you need in a great business and Whitehats provides it!..

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