Bomgar: Has it managed to change the way IT techs work?


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A minor issue with your computer and it takes hours for you the IT tech to reach the spot and fix it for you. In 2002, Joel Bomgar, a field network engineer came up with the idea of inventing technology that would enable him to access and manage customer computers over the internet, thus reducing the time and effort on his travel.

Much to his surprise, in 2003 he launched such a technology and named it “Bomgar”. Bomgar, a remote system for computer systems is used as a mediator between the service desk /firewall of the organization and outside entities. The company has come a long way since then, today it vaunts of serving over 6000 leading companies from different industries.

What is the secret of Bomgar’s success? Has it managed to change the way work is done?

This is what Bomgar has to offer:

It has the ability to offer the broadest platform support of any remote support solution from Microsoft, Blackberry, and Linux to IPhone.

With Bomgar, one centralized, automated audit trail can cover all the remote support activity in the organization.

It replaces remote control support tools with a solution specifically designed for the benefits of security conscious support organizations.

It offers the most secure deployment available for remote support

It logs and record each session.

The identity management integration lets you manage support technicians centrally ensuring only authorized users are have access to remote systems.

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