Very Fast yet scalable NoSQL

By using the NoSQL service, you are able to get highly available and globally distributed apps. This way you can take benefit of SQL and JavaScript over data and key-value data. This means reducing unnecessary hassle for virtual machine-based cloud database or on-premises options.

Low latency guaranteed

Get less than 10 ms latencies with Azure Document DB for reads and less than 15 ms latencies for writes on 99% of requests. There is a write-optimized, latch-free database enginee used by DocumentDB to deliver high performance using solid-state drives running in cloud at a global scale. Now, you can easily read and write requests using local region while the data can be distributed to regions anywhere in the world.

NoSQL databases offer limitless scale

Now, scale easily and store independently with complete elasticity. You are not limited to one region but to many geographic regions around the world. You can easily add capacity to millions of requests per second while incurring fraction of the cost incurred with traditional database solutions.

Easily replicate data on a global scale

You do not have to go through the complexity or multiple data centers configurations when building apps. The DocumentDB has been developed as a globally distributed database system. Now, use DocumentDB to replicate your data to any number of regions globally. Select and use data from a region closer to your user for faster and uninterrupted access.

Get Benefits of schema-free SQL and JavaScript

You do not have to get involved in secondary indices or schema. Use the Azure DocumentDB to automatically index JSON documents. This way you will be able to define business logic as triggers, store procedures and user-defined functions with JavaScript. Also, you will be able to directly execute commands from the database engine.

Improved consistency with greater choices

Now, you have more choices when it comes to selecting between four predefined consistency levels. These four levels are; strong, bounded staleness, session and eventual. This way you can use an intuitive programming model to get low latency and ensure 99.9% availability even with local or regional failures.

Availability of Enterprise Grade SLAs

You can easily focus on creating better applications without having to deal with cumbersome database infrastructure. You can create for data, set throughput, and let DocumentDB take care of the other issues. There is a transparent region offered by DocumentDB for ensuring 99.9% availability even when facing failures. The DocumentDB has ISO 27001 certification and clause for HIPAA, and EU Model.

Is DocumentDB for you ?

You can easily find if DocumentDB is for you by going through “What is DocumentDB” and “Introducing DB”. You will be able to rightly assess NoSQL document database for your applications. This means overseeing social, IoT, web high-scale gaming and social scenarios.

Why prefer NoSQL database?

You can easily learn main differences between NoSQL databases and SQL databases online.

DocumentDB compatibility with MongoDB

All you need to do is turning on protocol support for MongoDB and you will be able to use DocumentDB to get a fully managed database service for MongoDB apps without requiring any code changes.

Starting with DocumentDB

You can learn about creating DocumentDB using Azure protocol. Make sure to follow the step by step guide on completing common DocumentDB tasks.

For Developers planning to use DocumentDB

You can start by building a simple .NET or Node.js application. You can also choose to build a complete web app with NoSQL skills and DocumentDB protocol support for MongoDB. You can use variety of APIs and SDKs like REST API, .NET, Node.js, Python, and Java.

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