Virtual Machines

Select Your Operating System, Workload & Language

There are a lot of choices for selecting the right operating system like Windows Server, Linux, SQL Server, SAP and IBM. Azure Virtual Machines deliver unparalleled flexibility for different computing applications like extending your datacenter, running applications, and development & testing. Open source software gives you the freedom to configure it the way you like. All you need is additional Rackspace to deploy another application within minutes.

More Options Available

You get a lot of choice when it comes to virtual machines. Select either Widows or Linux. You can also choose it to be in cloud or on-premises or both. You can download virtual machine image. Or you can also get a pre-configured image from the marketplace. Virtual gives you complete control.

Easy Scalability

You get on your side world-class computing power with the scalability of cloud. You can easily expand from one virtual machine to thousands of them. Azure datacenters also allow you to scale on a global level, to regions that are closer to your customer.

Pay for usage only

You do not have to pay anything extra. Only get billed per minute of the computing time to keep the cost in check.

Improved Security & Compliance

An important advantage of using virtual machines is having the ability to encrypt sensitive data. This means protection against malware, viruses, securing network traffic and meeting compliance requirements.
Now, create virtual machines within minutes. You have the choice of selecting our images or get one from the partner and the community.

Create virtual machines in minutes. Choose from our images or images provided by partners and the community.

Hybrid Cloud to back you up

On-premises servers can now get virtual machines accessibility. You can easily scale up cloud to efficiently allocate resources and increase application’s availability. Also, virtual machines capabilities can conveniently integrate Azure cloud capabilities in your datacenter. Now, deploy global load balancing as and when required, get true access, and enjoy on-demand HPC capabilities in cloud.

Open source with plenty of options

Azure is driven by a dedicated open source community allowing you to take advantage of different software solutions. There is a complete range of Linux distributions available including Ubuntu, SUSE, and Red Hat. You can also benefit from community driven solutions like Docker, Puppet, and Chef. There is also the option of deploying virtual machines for products like Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server. Azure’s open source offers lots of options to choose from.

World class support lets you easily run Microsoft enterprise applications

Virtual machines make it easy for you to deploy Microsoft enterprise solutions. You get unmatchable kind of performance, stability and guidance, making it easy to run on Azure solutions like Microsoft SharePoint to Dynamics, to R Server, System Center, and SQL Server. There is a world-class support team, always there to assist you with flexible technical support plans, enabling you to run Microsoft Applications and take care of cloud infrastructure.

Virtual Machines can take care of any business

Even the most intensive businesses needs can be served by configuration virtual machines’ performance and size to the specs. You get faster I/O performance with negligible latencies using GS-series virtual machines, thanks to Azure Premium Storage’s disk performance. The Dv2-series virtual machines can easily run performance hungry applications requiring higher CPU clock speed, improved local disk performance, and more memory.

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