Data Backup in the Cloud - Is It Good for Organizations?

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You may already have heard a lot about data backup in cloud solutions.  Since various types of cyber security threats and natural disasters that may result in loss of critical data, Businesses of all types and size are increasing turning to use cloud data backup solutions to improve their readiness against cyber security threats. However businesses in Dubai seems still reluctant to embrace this trend as nearly half of organizations still do not have reliable cloud data backup solutions in place despite nearly $3bn annual loss due to downtime and data loss. There are many reliable cloud backup solutions in Dubai are available that can help organizations to avoid disruption and downtime.

Like many others, you may have a small question in your mind that is it worth it or is it good for your organization? If yes then Why?

Let’s dig deeper into potential features (both pros and cons) of cloud Backup  solutions for business.

According to National Archives & Records Administration in Washington

“93% of companies that lost their data access for 10 days or more during a disaster filed for bankruptcy within 12 months of the disaster “

The Pros of Cloud Back up.

Here we have discussed advantages of cloud backup service.

Device free data Backup    

Cloud backup solution allows you to store all of your data in the offsite data center that is accessible from anywhere. With this, you don’t have to own any hardware storage device. This solution makes your data backup facility completely device-free.

Continuous Incremental Backup.

Cloud backup solutions provide automated service where all of your data back-ups is backed up automatically. With incremental data backup feature your data is continuously backed up by checking any changes since last full backup.

Secured & Encrypted Data Transfer.

With cloud data backup all of your data communication and data transfer from your computer to cloud and from cloud to your computer is secured with an end to end encryption. That means in case anyone attempts to hack this data during transmission will not be able to decrypt this data easily.  This increases the credibility of data backup solutions.

Anytime Data Recovery.

With cloud data backup solutions all of your data is stored in the cloud where you can recover your data anytime.  This means your backup remains available to you 24/7 and in the case of disaster you can start recovering it immediately without any wait.

Anywhere Data Access.

With backup data solutions, you data remain accessible online globally. Where ever you are if you need a backup copy of your data you can immediately start recovering it without any wait from anywhere from any device.

Any OS and Machine Compatibility.

Cloud backup solutions are highly compatible with all well-known operating systems including Windows and MAC or even mobile devices OS Android and IOS. In addition to that, you can even start backup to and from any type of computing device that has above discussed the operating system. This cross-platform compatibility makes it a flexible solution for all types of businesses.

Mobile Device compatibility.

Cloud data backup solution is compatible with any types of mobile device regardless of operating system or version it has. You can get your data backup from any mobile devices, restore it to any mobile device and of course access your data as well.

According to University of Texas Research” companies that suffer catastrophic data loss: 43% fail to reopen and 51% close within two years 

Automatic File Synch.

With cloud data backup services all of your data and files are automatically synchronized across multiple devices. This means when you need to edit a file you can do so while changes will be saved across all devices and in the case of backup will be taken with a new version of your file as well. You can start working on Windows PC and then makes changes in MAC without any problem.

The Cons of Cloud Backup.

In addition to above-discussed pros of cloud backup solutions, businesses may have few concerns discussed as follows.

Losing Control of Your Data.  

As all of your data will be stored in the cloud, that means you will have to depend on your cloud service provider to take backup of your data. In the case of disaster, you will highly be on mercy of cloud service. That means loss of control over your data and allowing any one else to keep holding it for you. However, you can address this concern by taking cloud to cloud backup. That means you have another vendor who has copies of your data and in the case of problems with one service provider you can still access your data.

Security Concerns.

Many people believe cloud services are not secure however this is not really its far from the fact. Cloud solutions are responsible for your data and not protecting your data can even destroy their credibility as a service provider. Therefore, they use latest and highly sophisticated security to protect your data. Therefore your data is even more secure with them.


It is mostly held belief that cloud backup solution is costly. However this is not true if you compare its features, and its costs with local backup methods you will understand the features offered and your peace of mind that you will get from it is all pretty much worth paying for cloud data backup service. You will find Best cloud backup solutions for business mostly offered on a month or annual subscription fees that is a lot less than initial investments that you may have to do with onsite data backup that will remain vulnerable to cyber security threats and natural disasters.


As you may see, although businesses have few concerns related to cloud data backup solutions but these are largely related to lack of information. Cloud data backup is necessity for every business today. It can also be used as a competitive advantage as your customer will know that their personal information is safe.

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