Most Common Enterprise Network Support issues and their Solutions

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Is it not irritating and frustrating and annoying when your computer does not work? You may have to complete many important tasks that it would not let you to do.  It may be even more disastrous when it happens to the business network. Many of your day to day operations and services would be dependent on your network. Network problem may differ significantly, but few most common network problems and their solutions are discussed here, it will help you to understand when it becomes essential for you to call your IT support service provider.  

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Wireless Network Shows Signal but won't connect.

The wireless network is one of the most popular ways to provide network connectivity to your employees. One of the most common problems that are faced by business networks is that wireless network signals are shown, but it does not connect. Being IT support person you will see many of employees complaining about it. In the case of the problem first, you should take your computer near a Wireless access point. In case it connects then it means there is a problem with your wireless card. You will need wireless card troubleshooting to identify if this problem can resolve. Sometimes network cards only receive very strong signal. Another option for Wireless network support may be to remove and reinstall driver for the wireless network card. In all other cases, your wireless network support person will replace your network card.  

Network Outages and Inaccessible Files.

In some cases, your network may experience network outage where your employees will not be able to access files through the network. It may most probably issue of NetBIOS conflict. This problem is common in Windows based system. In case you have recently patched your system with latest service pack then you have higher chances of experiencing this problem. In order deal with this problem you will need to disable WINS/NetBT name resolution unless you need this service for some other purpose.

IP Conflict.

Windows operating system is designed in such a way that it is allocated only one IP address per device. However, some time in same network two devices are being assigned same IP address. In such cases network block the one device from accessing the network resource. It order to resolve this problem you will have to reconfigure your DHCP by excluding static IP addresses from the pool.

Slow Network/Application Response.

One of the most common issues in an enterprise network is slow responding applications and network. Especially users who restart their computer and need to access some application through network face this problem. It is sign your computer resource are highly engaged and in use. For example, it means your users are consuming too much bandwidth by downloading files or watching videos. In another case may be an issue with hardware problems where you may need to Hardware installation and troubleshooting to identify a problem that may be causing such slow response. If you have checked both issues and this not that case then you will need to upgrade your network as it is dealing with a higher level of demand for services then it can control.

Poor VoIP Quality.

VOIP is important service for most enterprises however day to day problems with VOIP especially quality issues can affect the network`s productivity and organization`s ability to communicate. At Whitehats, we commonly come across VOIP problems like network stutter that can be resolved by installation of jitter buffers those cache VOIP packets and allow them to be accessed and analyzed during transit so that smooth stream of data can be ensured. Jitter buffers in customizable form can be used to fit any voip requirements of organization.  

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