Importance of Cloud Backup

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We are living in the world where most of our data is becoming digital. This digital data being on internet is more prone to theft and loss. Most of the companies that suffered significant data lose in the past end up going out of business with in few months of that incident. That`s why more and more organization are realizing the importance of keeping their mission critical data backed up and saved at all the times. When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery planning cloud based data backups are considered to be the most effective and cost efficient solutions.

Following are the few reasons why cloud back solutions are important for your business.

Most Reliable method of Data Protection: Cloud data backup unlike, convectional onsite data backup keeps your data stored at remote location that ensures its protection from different types of disasters like flood, fire, and theft. Therefore in case of such events at your office you can be assured of protection of your data.

Most Advanced Technology: Cloud based data backup solutions are built around the most advanced technologies that includes data mirroring, file sync, file versioning etc. that are not available with traditional onsite data backup solutions. Cloud service providers keep themselves up to date with all the technological advancements due to increasing competition in the market.

Increased data security: With cloud data backup your data is encrypted for transfer from one end to another. This encryption process ensures increased data security. That also means when your data is copied to multiple locations it will not increase its likelihood to be compromised.

Automated Incremental Data Backup: Most of the cloud data backup solutions provides incremental data backups that means if you make changes to any of your files that changes will store automatically through incremental data backup process. This will save you from lot of time and efforts in terms to performing same tasks every single day.

Mobile Data Accessibility: All of your data that is being backed up in cloud is globally accessible from anywhere through internet. That means your accessibility of data jumps to next level as compared to onsite data backup. You can work around with your files while travelling or sitting at home through mobile devices.

Higher Compatibility: People usually face problems due to compatibility of your devices. While with cloud based data backup solutions you can take backups from any devices without any problem and recover it to any device as well. That means you will never have to face any issue related to compatibility of devices and applications.

Highly professional Customer Support services: In case you get any problem with your cloud data backup solutions , you can get help from highly professional customer assistance that is available to provide to best possible support to solve your problem contrary to traditional onsite data backups where not such support will be available.

Ease of Compliance with Data Security Standards: Cloud backup services ensure protection of data therefore you never need to worry about quality of your data. Just because they are following some information security standard makes it much easier for you to comply with all such data security standards.

Highly Scalable & Cost effective: You will have number of different options with cloud data backup like “pay as you go”, monthly and annual price plans that make it more scalable and cost effective solution. Whatever your data protection needs are cloud services can offer you tailored solutions according to your specific business needs.

Peace of mind: with all of the previously discussed advantages, we can say one thing that you will get from cloud data backup solutions is improved peace of mind. While knowing your data is in safe hands and will be available when and where needed will make you lot stress free so you can focus more on current business then worrying about protection of your data.

Data Prioritization: you may be concerned about data recovery while working with cloud based data backup solutions because it has certain data bandwidth limitations that makes it slow to recover however it has option get your data prioritized. In many cases you may not need complete data recovery then you can get benefit from data prioritization option and recover only high priority data.

Summary: Since volume of digital information is growing businesses are facing the challenge of protecting this data from unauthorized access and use. Data backup is one of the way that can help businesses in making sure that their mission critical data is accessible and available when and where necessary. Onsite data backup that is traditional way of data protection is quickly becoming out dated replaced by online cloud based data backup that is highly reliable and cost effective. Cloud based data back offers enormous benefits as compared on traditional method of backups like higher level of reliability  , ease of use, data security, mobility, data prioritization and peace of mind.


Conclusion: it can be concluded due to enormous benefits cloud data back is essential for every business. It has unmatchable benefits and can help you to get required surety to achieve required level of RTO and RPO. Moreover cloud data backup solutions are cost efficient and scalable that provides you increased level of data security.

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