22 Signs Your Business Needs “Managed IT Service Provider”

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Today`s businesses rely heavily on Information systems. This high level of reliance makes it very important for them to manage their IT resources effectively. However, small businesses are often short of resources and having their own IT department may not be a practical solution. In addition to that small businesses may not have so many IT related issues to resolve or big infrastructure that may require continuous care. Therefore, only viable option left with SMBs is to use third party services to manage their “IT infrastructure”. This is not only cost-effective but also save them from a lot of hassle. The need for IT management grows with time and it may be tricky for business owners to identify the point, when management of IT resources becomes too much to be handled internally.

To make this decision easier, we have outlined key signs that may help you determine whether you need help from IT managed service partner.

When you find yourself or any of your employees discussing following issues or facing similar situations then it’s the right time to seek help from IT service partner.

  • You came in the morning and realized the exchange server went down last night and no one even noticed.

  • You don’t have dedicated IT department.

  • Your current IT-related staff is rather busy in resolving Adhoc issues than focusing on preventing IT maintenance.

  • Last time your server went down, it took you more than 2 days to recover from backups.

  • Team despite working overtime cannot keep up with current projects.

  • Your network engineer of five years has left.

  • Your IT Budget has not increased in last many years.

  • You have bought monitoring tools last year but still not using them.

  • The Guy who wrote server scripts is no longer working with your company.

  • You have no idea how was spent on IT system infrastructure last year.

  • You get calls from IT Guy every single day about different IT related problems.

  • Your IT management/maintenance costs have increased significantly over the last two years.

  • Your IT Guy is on Holidays and you cannot get hold of him.

  • You are looking for ways to cut down IT costs.

  • You had your network down multiple times  for more than 4 hours in last two months

  • You had multiple security breaches in last Six months.

  • Your Partner Company is forcing you to move your IT services, and infrastructure to cloud.

  • Vendor of biggest application you use in the company is no more offering support for it.

  • Your Company plans to open a new office at other location.

  • You are still using older windows vista operating system in your office.

  • You are trying to figure out how much it cost in case of virus infection or hacking attempts.

  • You are interested in knowing more about business continuity and disaster recovery.

These are the just few real-world situations, that you may have to face in absence of IT managed service partner. If you are facing any of such situations then it means it`s time to act quickly and proactivity ahead of disaster.

If you are facing any such situations and you may want to consider IT managed service partner in Dubai, then you may get in touch with us and discuss your options with our experts.

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